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You'll find in this category a range of candy boxes with KPOP gift in every box!

In every box you will find asian candies, coming from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong...

What's the KPOP?

K-pop (abbreviation of Korean pop, 케이팝) is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. While the modern form ofK-pop can be traced back to the early 90s, the term itself has been popularized since the 2000s, replacing the term Gayo(가요), which also refers to domestic pop music in South Korea. Although it generally indicates "popular music" within SouthKorea, the term is often used in a narrower sense to describe a modern form of South Korean pop that is influenced by styles and genres from around the world, such as experimental, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country,and classical on top of its traditional Korean music roots.

The more modern form of the genre emerged with the formation ofone of the earliest K-pop groups, Seo Taiji and Boys, in 1992. Their experimentation with different styles and genres of music and integration of foreign musical elements helped reshape and modernize South Korea's contemporary music scene.


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