Frequently asked questions

1) How does it work? 

You choose a box with sweets: different amount of sweets inside, also you can choose a category of bonus gift (anime, kpop or asian gift). After choosing the box you order and pay it on the site - the package goes to you with the track code all the way, we also follow the progress of your package.

2) How to order? 

Choose a box of sweets, click order, fill order information, pay the order. Tracking code for the parcel will be sent to your email.

3) What candies are in the boxes? Do you change candies in boxes? Can I choose sweets by myself? 

In the box you will find Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong candies. We constantly change the assortment of boxes, as well as the assortment of gifts ^^ Sweets are packed randomly.

4) What gifts I could find in candy boxes? 

You could choose category of gift (anime, kpop or asian gift). Kpop is associated with Korean music, anime - with Anime, and asian gift - something that is connected with Asia. You can get a gift: stickers, post cards, braclets, clothes, posters, figurines, sometimes even anime figures or kpop albums, etc. (the range of gifts is also changing).

5) Is the delivery free? 

Delivery with the track code (all way) is free! We will send track to your e-mail.

6) How much days does the parcel need to be ready? How do I find out the track code? 

Usually the parcel is ready to be sent within 3 working days. After sending the parcel we will write you the track code to your email. 

7) If I do not understand something, something went wrong, what should I do? 

Do not panic, everything is under control :) You can always write to our email - we will answer all your questions within 1 working day. We are always in touch, we do not have weekends and holidays, we are happy to do best for you! ❤